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College Success Study Tip

(Summer session, 2018)

   If you are attending summer session, it is important to study for a minimum
of one hour a day, but preferably one-and-a-half to two hours a day, five or six
days a week, for each class you are in.

Since each class during summer session is squeezed into a much shorter
time period than during a regular semester, planning your time and using your
studying time as best as possible are extremely important.

Be sure to go to the library sooner rather than later, even more so during
summer session, if you will have to go there to complete any of your

Start on your assignments as soon as possible, instead of leaving them for
the last minute.

By David Love, author of "Get Good Grades In College Now".

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grnck2.jpg Blast ahead of your classmates in each class

grnck2.jpg Know the most important points to focus on, so you can devote your time and energy where it is most needed

grnck2.jpg Be more prepared and organized

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