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Animal of the Week is the Alligator. The American Alligator, found in the southeastern United States, is threatened. The Chinese Alligator is endangered, with an estimated maximum of only 130 creatures remaining in the wild; the actual total could be considerably lower as only 23 were actually observed by wildlife researchers in the 2001 survey (The New York Times, 8/21/2001:F4). Crocodiles, similar to Alligators, have 12 subspecies that are endangered and 2 that are threatened.

These creatures need to be protected.

Large fines and yes, Jail Time, LONG sentences of incarceration, should be the penalties for people who kill endangered wildlife.

What is the relation of endangered animals to getting good grades?

A-Star Research Inc., publisher and distributor of “Get Good Grades In College Now,” is a company of environmentally friendly people, who have a deep commitment to improving this world socially (by helping college students get good grades), and environmentally (by raising awareness of endangered animals).

In addition to protecting endangered animals, three other very important environmental concerns are recycling, the need to protect forests, and global climate change.

Let’s make Every day be Earth Day....We can do better....Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

America Recycles Day is November 15. Recycle every day for a better tomorrow. www.americarecyclesday.org. For a very good site on waste reduction, check out www.zerowasteamerica.org.

At www.ourforests.org, you can get updates on the progress of the campaign to protect precious National Forests.

The only known jaguar living free in the wild in the US has been caught on video.

Updates on the progress of hydrogen powered vehicles can be found at www.hydrogenhighway.com.

To learn the sad truth about the disgraceful organization called "greenpeace", how they actually
paid people to kill endangered animals
, as told in the film "Survival in the High North", visit here.

A really good site for environmental news is www.enn.com. A really good site for energy news is www.energybulletin.net.

Expand your thinking, learn the truth at www.evolutionhoax.com.

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