Free IQ Test Can you beat Kim Kardashian's 105 IQ score?

The Stanford Binet IQ test, was devised by Stanford University professor Lewis Terman from a similar test developed by the Frenchman Alfred Binet, and has been in use since it was introduced over 100 years ago in 1916.

Of course the free IQ Test has undergone many revisions since it was first introduced.

The most recent edition of the Stanford Binet IQ Test, the fifth revision, was produced since the 2000 US census.

On the standard free IQ Test, a score of 100 represents the median, the middle score: 50% score above and 50% score below an IQ of 100.

At the same time, more than two-thirds of all scores on the IQ test are in the closest proximity to the middle score of 100, in the exact range of 85 to 115.

Fully 95 percent of people score between 70 and 130 on the free IQ test.

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