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Hello, my name is David, and if youre like me, you are probably not very happy about paying more than $75 (and maybe a lot more) every month for crappy cable TV service giving you at the very most 200 channels.

(Sorry, theyre not giving it to you, you are paying a lot of money for those cable channels, overpaying by a lot, in fact, as you will very soon see).

Maybe you are even getting 250 or 300 channels paying that high price every month, but its for sure still a very big rip-off.

Of you.

If you are as ready as I was to end the cable TV rip-off of you and your household, this is very valuable information you need to read.

Did you know that instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a very costly descrambler or cable box, you could completely legally get over 9,000 channels viewable 24 hours a day, seven days a week in crystal clear High-Definition HD.

Thats right, more than Nine Thousand Channels!

The best part is, unlike crappy cable TV which hooks up only to your home, this 9,000 channel package is yours for life to be used as much or as little as you like, 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world with a high-speed internet connection.


“You Get The Channels You’re Overpaying For Now, Plus Thousands More Channels”


The more than 9,000 channels youll soon be enjoying includes all of the channels you are being over-charged for by the rip-off cable TV provider you will soon be getting rid of, PLUS many more movie channels, PLUS music, weather and live sports from around the world that you most likely arent getting now, PLUS Video-On-Demand (VOD).

*** This fantastic package also includes complete instructions for how to connect your computer to a TV, so you can watch on the big screen. ***

This 9,000 channel package is yours for life virtually free, a tiny fraction of the cost of cable TV, it is only one small payment that is much less than the cost of one monthly cable bill, with no further cost for this package ever again.

With this package you get virtually free cable TV channels.

Once you get this package and see for yourself these amazing benefits, simply cancel your cable TV service and join me in enjoying the savings forever, and watching thousands more channels in High-Definition HD!

The cable TV companies are scared to death of this,

because they know that the extremely limited cable TV channels they are selling for very high prices every month, month after month, are in fact a rip-off.

A very big rip-off.

Of you.

Take control of your future now, end the cable TV rip-off madness of you and your household, and have more cash to spend on your family, on yourself, on whatever you wish. This package is the best package and far better than satellite because:

1) it is viewable from any high speed internet connection in the world and crushes crappy cable TV by a wide margin, in quality and in value: This amazing package delivers thousands more high quality channels in High-Definition HD and Video-On-Demand (VOD) at barely any cost, virtually free, and

2) it comes with a 30 day zero-risk full money back guarantee.


“OK, So How Much For This 9,000 Channel Package?”


Fair question, and I think you will be very pleased to learn that this special package which originally was $99.95 is now today only, a one-time payment of only $39.95, complete with a 30 day zero-risk full money back guarantee.

(Special discounted price returns to $99.95 at 11:59:59 PM on )

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If you ever wanted to get free cable TV channels, including sports, movies, news and much, much more, this amazing 9,000 channel package is the absolute closest to free cable TV channels legally that you can get.

Why wait any longer to begin the savings? When you pay $39.95 once, and once only, you have this 9,000 channel package for life, never having to pay for this package or cable TV channels ever again.

Sooner than one year after getting this package you could easily have total savings approaching $1000 or more on cable TV channels (because a $90 monthly cable TV bill x 12 months = $1080!), all the while getting thousands more channels than you ever did before.

Using this fantastic package for 2 years (24 months) means your $39.95 one-time payment equals less than 40 cents a week for 9,000 channels.

Thats less than 6 cents PER DAY, virtually Free, for over 9,000 high quality channels broadcast through the internet in High-Definition HD, PLUS Video-On-Demand VOD, all with equal or better quality than the very limited number of cable TV channels you are massively overpaying for now.

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This package has no contract and no monthly fees at all ever, use this package as much as you like, you will never have to pay for it ever again and it is yours forever, more than 9,000 channels with complete 24/7 customer support and free automatic updates for life at the simple push of one button on the very easy to use software you can be downloading right now.

And, best of all, this fantastic package comes complete with a

Zero-Risk, Unconditional Full Money Back Guarantee:


Although I would be very, very surprised if you dont like this amazing package, it comes complete with a zero-risk, 30 day money back guarantee. You get 30 days to be sure you like it, and you can get a full refund before 30 days, for any reason at all, with no questions asked (refunds generally processed within 24 hours of request).

So you can continue to be slave to the cable companies to the tune of $90 or more every month, or you can make one of the best financial decisions to get this package now and save A LOT of money, and finally BREAK FREE forever.

The choice is yours.


With Best Wishes, enjoy the wealth of new channels and the savings,

David L.


P.S. You have a full 30 days to be absolutely sure you are satisfied with this package.
I am taking all of the risk here. You risk nothing at all. You have nothing to lose (except a very costly cable TV bill every month) and you have everything to gain (thousands more channels than very over-priced rip-off cable TV, viewable in High-Definition HD, plus Video On Demand VOD).

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and say goodbye to overpriced rip-off cable TV Forever!


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