“Yes You Too CAN Increase
Your IQ To Above 160

   genius.jpgMost people believe that intelligence cannot be increased.

They say that intelligence is genetic, or that education is the key, or that youll never be smart, et cetra, et cetra.

But the truth is, intelligence can and will always be increased if you know how to increase it.

There are some very simple techniques that can help you increase your IQ to over 160.

I will explain this to you right now.

What Im about to say might seem obvious, but it isnt, so please pay attention, and this will reveal a HUGE secret on how to increase your IQ and intelligence.

m going to ask you a very strange question, which I bet you will NOT get the right answer.

This will reveal a massive secret about reaching a 160 IQ.

The question is:

When you think, do you MAKE the thoughts you’re thinking?


Confused? Weird question, huh?? Let me ask you again then............

Do you MAKE the thoughts you think?


Aha. The answer is actually NO.

You never MAKE the thoughts you think.

Instead, you actually RECEIVE the thoughts!

Who would have guessed!!

You see my student, you are actually RECEIVING your thoughts from your SUBCONSCIOUS mind which is the seat of your intelligence.

The thoughts you have come from the subconscious and are received by your conscious mind which is the process of how you get the thoughts.

“The Secret To Reaching 160 IQ”

And there believe it or not, ACTUALLY, lies the secret to reaching 160 IQ.

The Secret Is This: By accelerating the process of how thoughts are received, you can have more thoughts and ideas.

Your intelligence will increase and you will have ACCESS to the hidden treasures of the GENIUS within the subconscious mind!

Damn that
s smart. :)

So we want to be using specific means to make sure this happens.

One more thing, acceleration of thoughts is fundamental. However, so too is expansion.

You see, to accelerate the process of your thoughts will give you a 160 IQ, but also expanding the source of where your thoughts are received will give you a greater thought reservoir from which to think.

So not only will your thoughts come thick and fast, but you will have GREATER BRAIN POWER because you have more resources when it comes to thinking!

And all of this means a direct increase in:

1. reasoning ability

2. problem solving ability

3. mathematical ability

4. listening ability

5. memory ability

6. creativity

And others. 

So would you like to be a genius?

Surely you want to act to get what you want, dont you?

See, I once felt proud of myself for KNOWING what created GENIUS levels of intelligence but an idiot at the same time for not knowing how to PRACTICE to get that intelligence.

The best advice is to SEEK and you will find.


The author increased his IQ from 85 to over 180, using the methods and techniques he learned throughout his life. Visit his website here.

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