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Text of Agreement to have
David Love speak at your school


Speaker Agreement


Effective Date ____/____/______


Between David Love, herein referred to as "Speaker",

Located at 501 Capitol Court, Washington, D.C. 20002

And [Name of your School], herein referred to as "Organization"

Located at [Address , City , State , Zip Code]

The speaker agrees to perform the following services and in accord with the following terms and conditions.

The speaker shall make and give the "Get Good Grades In College Now" presentation, as described herein as an independent contractor, and the speaker shall have no further obligation with regard to such presentation, as a result of this Agreement to anyone other than the Organization, including any of its individual members, students, administrators, professors, teachers, deans or directors, as individuals or as a group or groups of any size.

Compensation shall be in the amount of $6000.00 plus $500.00 travel expenses as described herein. Travel shall be arranged by the Speaker. The Organization agrees to pay the speaker $6500.00 by Certified Check (or Checks, if separating the travel portion) made payable to the speaker upon arrival before beginning the presentation.

The Organization shall furnish facilities for the presentation at its own expense and such facilities shall be in good condition with adequate lighting and heat, and the equipment necessary for the presentation: large white-colored screen, computer, electrical cords and outlets.

The Organization shall not be responsible for or obligated to pay any financial monetary compensation payment of any kind or type whatsoever at all if the Speaker fails to give the presentation due to conditions that are beyond the control of the Speaker, for example, medical disability and/or an act of G-d that is outside of the speaker’s control. In any of those cases the Speaker is also not obligated to pay any financial monetary compensation of any kind or type whatsoever at all to the Organization.

The Organization has the right to simulcast in real-time and/or to produce a delayed broadcast of the Speaker’s presentation through closed circuit or public television / radio formats, or on commercial cable television. The copyright of such broadcast shall belong solely to the Speaker in perpetuity.

If the Organization records the Speaker’s presentation, a copy of the recording as an electronic file shall be sent by electronic mail ("email") to the speaker within thirty (30) days following the presentation. No other audio taping or video taping of the Speaker’s presentation shall be permitted without prior authorization by the Speaker.

The Speaker grants to the Organization a non-transferable Reprint Rights License of the printable PDF "College Success Study Tips" for one full year, solely for the purpose of potential distribution to incoming students and/or students in need of higher grades. The Organization agrees that it will not sell copies of the presentation in any format at all whatsoever including the mentioned PDF, audio, and video, and the Organization also agrees that it will not financially profit at all whatsoever from the non-transferable Reprint Rights License.

The Organization shall provide the speaker a suitable area near the presentation for the Speaker to display and sell books and other educational material that is produced by the Speaker.


Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of Washington DC in the District of Columbia and any applicable Federal Laws.

_________________________________ Date____________
Signature of the Speaker

_________________________________ Date____________
Signature of the Organization




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